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Natural England

Natural England were running a scheme with city primary schools: Project Greenspace, to encourage them to consider and interact with their local green spaces. There were several ways in which the organisers and teachers engaged the kids, from music to adventure, sculpture, mapping, making movies. The kids really loved it! Too many photos to show all the activites here, but here's a small cross section.


The kids went out and gathered pieces of nature from around the school and constructed little model ideal dwellings made of natural materials. When they explained them to me they sounded awesome... swimming pools, giant swings and zipline to the gardens! And all eco friendly with great energy producing ideas for the houses. 




A nature walk.... there's always some green space close by, even in a city if you know where to find it. I had no idea there were cows grazing at the end of this road! That sticky green plant and bugs seemd to interest them most :-)  Along the walk they were also making little movies that they had scripted earlier, to explain in their own words the importance of preserving green spaces.






With instruments that they found to hand in the music room they created musical peices that represented an aspect of nature, and natural countryside sounds...



GIANT maps showing their school and all the greenspaces around it, trees, cyclepaths, streams, dens, etc. How much fun?!





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