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Ella 'L.i.P.S.' hat design

Ella is the owner / designer of bespoke hats based out of Philadephia, trading internationally. If I lived in the US I could take photos of Ella modelling all her hats but as it is I had a chance to spend some time with her on her last visit to the UK. Many brands, and how they are marketed these days are as much about the person as the product. Ella epitomises style, confidence and uniqueness - the qualities that her designs also express. Personally, I like a face to a brand; I like to know who I'm dealing with and what they stand for..., maybe that's just me ;-)  Anyway these photos are 'Ella without hats' ! Her visit was in December, the light was great outside; bright and flat due to all the frost... yep that's frost on the ground; hoar frost in fact... remember those few days UK people? It was -4c, and she really is lying in it! 

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