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Burtt-Jones & Brewer

Burtt-Jones and Brewer are an interior design partnership providing a full design service to any type of space. They wanted a portfolio of photographs; some team and some individual photos for their website, that reflected their values, their creative approach and their individual personalities. They didn't want anything too formal, as their approachable and engaging style is part of what makes them them. So I captured some shots of the team discussing projects they are currently working on... they got very animated :-) And then I also got some relaxed portraits of them together and separately.





As the interior locations were important to a design company... we thought of several great locations in and around Bristol for a backdrop to some their photos. The above photos were shot at Goldbrick House. The below right image was taken against an enormous painting in the wonderful Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. And below right was taken at dusk through the window at MudDock Cycleworks and cafe.... showing a reflection on the left hand side of the industrial architecture of Bristol harbour’s old steam cranes.




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